Portability: Facilitates movement of device(s) within the mobile computing environment.

Connectivity: Ability to continuously stay connected with minimal amount of downtime, without being affected by movements of the connected nodes

Social Interactivity: Maintaining the connectivity to collaborate with other users, at least within the same environment.

Individuality: Adapting the technology to suit individual needs.



Portability: Devices connected within the mobile computing system should facilitate mobility. These devices may have limited device capabilities and limited power supply, but should have a sufficient processing capability and physical portability to operate in a movable environment.

Connectivity: This defines the quality of service of the network connectivity. In a mobile computing system, the network availability is expected to be maintained at a high level with the minimal amount of lag/downtime without being affected by the mobility of the connected nodes.

Interactivity: The nodes belonging to a mobile computing system are connected with one another to communicate and collaborate through active transactions of data.

Individuality: A portable device or a mobile node connected to a mobile network often denote an individual; a mobile computing system should be able to adopt the technology to cater the individual needs and also to obtain contextual information of each node.