What’s the difference between rugged tablet and  MID? First let me introduce what is MID,MID means mobile internet device. Is a kind of mobile internet equipment. Is size was smaller than rugged tablet but bigger than mobile phone .Through MID, users can access the Internet , enjoy entertainment at any time .They also can search information ,send and receive emails .

So what is a tablet? is a personal computer with features- small and easy take ,using touch screen as the basic input devices .Can operate through built-in handwriting recognition system, soft keyboard on screen, speech recognition or a real keyboard. It is an equipment with no flip, no keyboard .Is small enough to fit into a lady's handbag, but it is a full-featured PC.

For tablet manufacturers, their main operating systems are android, IOS , Windows . But most MID factors do self-development or rely on open software development operating system.                                                      

There are essential difference between them .Tablet is a standard computer, it just replace the input device with the touchscreen. Is fuselage parts are more integrated so it has smaller size.MID is like a cellphone ,but with some computer functions and devices with mobile band storage it is not a computer.                                                                            

Popularly speaking, MID's screen is bigger than mobile phone and smaller than tablet, is functions equal or better than cellphones smaller than tablet. It cannot attach mouse and keyboard. It is a Portable devices that can connect to the internet. But tablet is just a small size computer with function of touchscreen.

With the development of our society, especially the popularization and technological improvement of cellphone and tablet. Now MID's many functions are overlap with cellphones and tablets, and their definitions are becoming blurred. I belief in the future there will be more and more similarities between tablet, cellphone and MID, even gradually merged into one.