Sincoole Focus on Windows and Android Rugged tablet, always work on smart terminal development and production, focus on intel and MTK plateform development, have very perfect source and professional technology team, we work start on industrial design and mechanic design, also on schematic and layout, have diver soft and interface development experience.

we develop RS232 and RJ45 port on MTK plateform base on android, and provide pogopin for all extend for the customer. the rugged smart terminal have RFID 13.56MHz, LF 125KHz, UH 900MHz on windows and android tablet. can collect the information for all project application. develop windows handheld terminal. all of these, can provide some special function for all application. can bring more profit for information management, collection and transfer.

we provide global 4G LTE, high resolution screen, high dropping proof and water proof for tough environment.

honestly, we had spent many time on developing and researching. all and all, we hope provide good solution for all application.

all area, we have our special idea on it. we devote to provide stable and rugged smart terminal to all over word customer.