As a kind of high-tech machine, rugged tablet has slowly replaced the position of screen touched machine .We make this change is meant to make the customers to sense the feature that Man-machine can interact freely. Now the use of rugged tablet is wider that many people don't know how to choose it. Let me introduce the way , you can take it in conference when you have this kind of problem.

1. Easy to operate: just touch the button on the screen, you can enter the message world, the information is about words, cartoon, music, video recording and games, etc.

2. Interface friendly: the customers need not know the specialized knowledge about the machine, can understand all information, prompting, instructions, interface is friendly, suitable for all levels and all ages customers.

3:Feedback quickly: our system take top technology, check a big volume of data, reaction speed is within a second ,you needn't take time to wait, really achieve the speed of 'Pentium'.

4. Good Expandability: our machine have good expandability, it can add the system's content and data, and provide convenience for the later operate to form a network, Multi-data base.

5.Informative :the information storage capacity is nearly unlimited ,any capable data information could put in multi-medium system ,and it has Rich in variety of information, we can watch and hear from it ,the changeable display effect are certainly inspiring.

6. Dynamic networking: the system can form all kinds of network based in the customer’s request. such as linked with Telecom Business Network and Telecom Accounting Network, so we can dynamic query in the speed of Telephone acceptance and personal telephone bill, and it also can linked with intranet internet, internet internet.

7. Safety and reliable: is has no influence on its system while in Long-term continuous operation, the system is stable and reliable, it won't error or crashed while operate it in right way. easy to defend, it includes a manage and maintain system which is the same to the interface of the demonstration system, which can make your operate easier while you want to add, delete or change your data.