With the increase needs of special industry users of rugged tablet, it attract more and more attention .And with the development of our country’s high-speed railway, BEIDOU &maritime ,rugged tablet will play an important role in developing the relevant areas. At the same time, the needs of special industry is increasing, rugged tablet create a new develop trend, in order to submit the requirements of the customers. But under the environment, where was the future of rugged tablet?

For a long time, rugged tablet was mainly used in working in special industries such as military and police. Due to the features of the industries, and at the pressure of development cycle and to solve the problem of heat radiation. It leads big distance between rugged tablet and commercial computer at platform performance. Most rugged tablet producer in our country, the products of them are 1-2 years later no matter in platform, CPU, VGA or in internal storage and configuration for performance on hardware.

To challenge low Temperature limiting capacity: it needs to deal with all kinds of severe Temperature limiting capacity while working. Above all to submit low Temperature limiting capacity, is the vital index .At present only the minority of Chinese factors can start over their machine under temperature of -40 degree through its battery.  How to solve this problem is really a big risk, but it was also the trend of the world.