incoole 10.1inch tablet PC(ST11) is a tablet which rugged very well and has multi-functional optional one. It not only has the functions of a common tablet, but also extensions such as NFC, bar code scanner, UHF RFID, fingerprint collection. These extended functions ca n help user to collect data more conveniently. Fast DC charging slot, normal RJ45 slot, SIM card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack are also makes it like a laptop. And COM-port or full-size USB ports allowing you to easily interact with printers, flash drives, keyboards, pin-pads, industrial networks and many more. What's more, our design provides two sets of POGO pins for secondary development.

The second feature is that under the same appearance, our tablet supports both Windows 10 or Android 7.0 versions. Users can choose Windows 10 home/pro/iot (4G Ram+64GB rom, 4G lte version or WIFI version only), or Android 7.0 (MT6753 8cors with 3G ram 32GB rom) according to their needs.

And our models is hotswap battery one. You can change battery without power. That means we have two batteries in our model, once the big battery running out, but the small battery will begin to work, it can offer power when you change battery without power off. In order to facilitate the user to plug and unplug the battery, we designed screw battery cover and the sliding battery cover. You can choose any one according your job and convenience.

Our model also can be used in very extremely environment. Some times we have to enduring extremely cold temperatures. if your employees leave their consumer-grade tablets in their vehicles overnight, they're not functioning properly right now. But you can't shut down your operations because it's too cold, business must go on.

Then our model can help to solve your problem. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to +140 degrees Fahrenheit (-20°C to +60°C) and can be stored in temperatures from -13 degrees Fahrenheit to +160 degrees Fahrenheit (-25°C to +71°C).

On the other hand, we also design different accessories for our model, user can choose them for different environments and different purposes. For example, cradle for forklift and truck, keyboard can help your office using, docking can help for charging without insert DC cable and so on.